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PureSun gives you more UV output and longer life

Sylvania has created the best tanning lamps on the market by identifying three opportunities for design improvement.

UV Phosphor

Only using the very best source of UV phosphor.

Gas Purity

Using a technique called horizontal exhausting to ensure that the gas they contain is pure.

Sylvania PureSun Tanning lamps

PureSun Tanning Lamps

Tanning lamps create ultraviolet light, the main source of Vitamin D, which the body needs for healthy bones. The sun is a natural source of UV but it is hard to control exposure to sunlight even when the weather and life allow.

PureSun lamps are designed to be a safe alternative to natural sunlight. The clever design not only improves performance but also helps reach environmental targets.

More UV output and longer life

UV Phosphor

Our new PureSun range uses advanced materials and technology to provide both an improved tan for the customer and a longer life lamp for the salon owner.

The choice of phosphor is crucial to PureSun’s success. The secret lies in selecting phosphor with the ideal UVA/UVB ratio for direct and indirect tanning.

In addition to this, a high-tech process called Chemical Vapour Deposition is used to ensure the purity of the phosphor in each lamp, resulting in a reduction in UV loss over time.

Low Mercury Content

The Mercury (Hg) discharge is the engine that determines the efficiency of the lamps. Without Mercury the lamp switches off, but if there is too much Mercury the UV output of the lamp does not become stable and cannot reach its maximum UV output. This phenomena is what you experience as uneven ‘colour’ and is often called a ‘dull effect’ by end users.

Sylvania can fill all T12 sun tanning lamps with a precise amount of Mercury – less than 10mg – using a unique, patented method. EU environmental legislation requires less than 15mg of Mercury – so our lamps are well below this limit.

High Gas Purity

The advanced technology that goes into PureSun lamps includes manufacturing processes designed to ensure a top quality product.

A method called ‘horizontal exhausting’ is used in manufacture to ensure that the gas in our lamps is free of impurities.

A breakthrough in tanning technology

Even the best conventional tanning lamps lose performance very quickly, which means less effective tanning sessions and a frequent replacement. After 18 months of research and development, Sylvania’s experts have found the answer.


12% higher initial UV reading at 0hrs. Only 5% drop in UV between 0-5hrs. Best-in-class UV depreciation. Guaranteed UV stability.


At 500hrs – we have the same UV intensity as standard ‘longlife’ lamps have at a much earlier stage in their life.


At 1,000hrs – Maximum 30% loss compared to initial UVA.

The problem with ordinary tanning lamps

The problem with ordinary tanning lamps is that the UV they produce drops dramatically after a very short time. Typically 10-15% in the first five hours of use. That means tanning sessions have to be longer to achieve the same skin results. Lamp life shortens as UV levels drop further, their colour drifts and output becomes unstable.

PureSun – New technology for enhanced performance

Our new Sylvania PureSun tanning lamps start life with 12% more UV and they lose it far more slowly. So slowly that after 500 hours they have the same UV intensity as a ‘standard’ long life lamp would have at the early 80% hours of its life. It’s this dramatic improvement that makes PureSun lamps the best-in-class for UV maintenance, providing higher UVA-output for deep, longer-lasting skin darkening.

Ordering the correct replacement lamps

1 – Wattage Code

Nominal wattage of the recommended ballast which is used for the measurement. It can be different than the ballast in the application.

2 – Reflector Code

– O for non-reflector lamps
– B for lamps with broad reflector angle ∝ >230°
– N for lamps with narrow reflector angle ∝ <200°
- R for lamps with regular reflector 200°≤ ∝ ≤230°

3 – X Code

Eer [mW/m2] Total erythema irradiance over range 250nm-400nm

4 – Y Code

E NMSC<320nm / E NMSC>320nm ratio of the NMSC effective.

5 – EU Code

Shows that the lamp suitable for 0.3 regulation with high probability.

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